Cotton International Solutions is committed to 24 hour emergency readiness response and recovery to a variety of applications and events such as; high-impact weather events, environmental mishaps, terrorist attacks, and other disasters - both natural and manmade. We employ state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques to meet the challenges of every industry or job. Our staff works to maintain jobsite safety at all times through hazard assessments, planning, training, and strict oversight of process implementation on every project as well as remaining in compliance with all federal, state and local regulations. We strive to surpass our client’s expectations on every project through communication and quality. Our years of experience have given us the expertise to service a wide spectrum of industries across multiple countries and continents.


Cotton understands that a delay in business and services means lost revenue for our customers, especially in the hospitality industry. When water, fire, mold, or other damages occur to a hotel or resort, the property may ultimately be closed...more


Communities depend on retail facilities to provide the essentials, and the need for these businesses increases following a community-wide disaster. Cotton Global Disaster Solutions works with some of the largest retail companies, with locations...more


When a disaster strikes a region, citizens look to the public sector for assistance, but what happens when these very facilities have also been damaged by floodwaters, communication outages, power outages, and other problems...more


As a property manager, you understand the impact that any emergency, whether natural or manmade, can have on your commercial property. When your commercial property suffers from fire, water, wind, or other types...more